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National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program 341TRS/TSA Canine Breeding and Development Center 1320 Truemper Street Bldg 9122 Ste 2 Lackland AFB, Texas 78236 Office (210) 671-1624 Fax (210) 671-1705
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What is the TSA adoption application form for?

This form should be filled out as part of a request for adopting a retired TSA puppy.

Who needs a TSA adoption application form?

Those who would like to adopt a retired TSA dog. The adoption is free and the commonly found breeds such as:

German short-haired pointers, Labrador retrievers, German shepherds and Belgian Malinoi.

The form aims to make sure that the applicant and the puppy will be a fit match.

Is the TSA adoption application accompanied by other forms?

This application is the primary document that you will need to send to the TSA. If you do get selected for adoption, you will need to send a signed and notarized indemnity letter along with reliable photo identification.

When is the TSA adoption application due?

The TSA accepts adoption applications on a rolling basis. The application should be sent in as soon as your decision to adopt is certain.

How do I fill out the TSA adoption application form?

The applicant must provide information in the following criteria:

  • Personal and Household detailed data

  • Background with pets and reason for adoption

  • Veterinarian’s Data and Pet request information

Where do I send the TSA adoption application form?

The TSA adoption application form should be sent to the TSA Adoption Coordinator via email: AdoptaTSAcanine@OLE.tsa.dhs.gov.

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Coming through the whole security process is without a doubt one of the most inconvenient aspects of airline travel but now you can take a TSA worker home with you and make them part of your family and the idea is actually more appealing than you might think I'm Jen Marcum I'm 560 listen not every dog can get excited about the Sun of explosives I mean look can you blame them can you imagine being a dog and every time the scent of a hot bacon sandwich walks past your nose you have to go nope can't enjoy that I can only wag my tail for nitroglycerin so the TSA is adopting out free of charge explosives detection dogs who either flunked out of training or who are retired to anyone who will give them a good home the dogs currently live in San Antonio Texas and include all sorts of breeds including German Shepherds and Labradors and range from 2 to 10 years old most have only ever lived in kennels and were raised as active working dogs so they'll need a bit of basic training to adjust to a home environment I mean is that really a big deal I mean they've already learned how to distinguish between ammonium nitrate and Axe body spray how are can learning how to sit or fetch be buzzed 69 Oh pass it on